Starter & Generator

Continuing to expand Airline Accessory Service Company’s capabilities: Following relocation and expansion 2 years ago, Airline Accessory Service Company has recently developed and completed overhaul capability for a number of electric starter –generators with capacities to 1500 Amps DC, 120KW 3 phase 400 Hz AC and 15,500 RPM. This expansion required further use of ancillary equipment and processes currently in use for other core competencies and acquisition of a load bank and a modified variable speed drive. Expansion to additional part numbers will be forth coming.


  • Detailed incoming and fault isolation testing.
  • Continued use of shop standard practices including cleaning, detailed inspections of electrical components, machining/grinding, balancing, NDT and painting.
  • Repair and hold (immediately available inventory of stators and armatures) through a deepening relationship with a top Notch rewind facility also employed by many OEM’s for the same services.

Trade Services Provided

Pneumatic Equipment Overhaul

Galley Overhaul

Starter & Generator Overhaul

Hydrostatic Testing Capabilities

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