Galley Equipment

Airline Accessory Service Company galley product shop provides complete repair and overhaul service for all types of Air Chillers, Refrigerator/Freezers, Condensing Units, Conventional Ovens, Steam Ovens, Coffee Makers, Water Boilers, Point-of-use Water Heaters, Espresso Makers and Hot Cups.

We have the latest equipment required to repair, overhaul, modify and retro-fit a wide variety of commercial and corporate aircraft galley equipment.

Manufacturers supported by Airline Accessory Service Company include: BE Aerospace, Grimes Aerospace, Midland Ross, Sell, and JAMCO. We are the only factory authorized Sundstrand Refrigeration Products repairs and spares support center.


  • We can provide dual certification FAA/EASA release forms
  • Support both R12 and R134a refrigerants with ability to upgrade to R134a
  • Utilize latest equipment and best practices providing cost effective and timely repairs
  • Our licensed technicians provide timely quotes and functional test ensuring quick TAT’s
  • Air Chiller Calorimeters for all phases of air chiller testing
  • Replacement and upgrading of control circuits and heating elements
  • Various exchange and replacement equipment is available on site
  • Excess capacity with extensive inventory provides very competitive TAT’s

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Pneumatic Equipment Overhaul

Galley Overhaul

Starter & Generator Overhaul

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